Do some people have to get paid to reveal a sense of humour??

After reading the blog of my friend Özgür I have to re-post a video I´ve found in one of his articles.
Is that for real?
Is it a fake? (hopefully!!)….

If this is real, I´m sorry to say: What the heck is wrong with you guys?? Lost your sense of humour? Not funny, if you do not earn millions for it? How can someone not laugh about these questions or take this guy, who is dressed like a cartoon-character, serious?

Either way: once more a hilarious video from our friend Sasha Baron Cohen!:-) Make your own mind up about it:


Über djana

DJANA is living in Hamburg, Germany. DJing since more than 10 years, there are some stories to be told about the life on the dancefloor, which might seem familiar to some readers, especially when they have a connection to club life. Being a resident for "In Bed With Space", "Fuck Me I´m Famous" or the "White Party" for several years, led her around the globe and experience the one or other weird story, that you can read about here in this blog.

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